About JWN Services

JWN Services Ltd is owned by John and Leigh Walkinshaw. It started trading in 1999 as JWN Hire Services Ltd and recently changed its name to JWN Services Ltd to reflect the change in the business. Providing customers with "the right product for the right purpose" has always been and remains the primary aim of JWN Services Ltd. In 2009 we changed our name to JWN Services as we decided not to hire anymore & focus on serving & sales.

About Our Services

We offer our customers in Wellington a complete range of tools, equipment and repair solutions, reliably and on time.

Our solutions help our customers save time and money. We pride ourselves on our professional services and we strive to exceed all expectations. JWN repair, service, supply and maintain commercial and industrial equipment used primarily in the construction and building industry in the Wellington region.

Providing contractors with "the right product for the right purpose" is the primary aim of JWN Services. This is what we do well, and have done well, since 1999. We promise to save you time and money, because a job worth doing is worth doing right

Our clients

We provide solutions across a wide spectrum of economic sectors, from highly specialised industries that require specific equipment, to large volume industries that need large yet affordable solutions.

Our mission is to provide a service that is professional, safe and timely. JWN Services Limited is your reliable and affordable provider of industrial machinery and equipment!

JWN Services Ltd are authorised dealers and Service Agents for Husqvarna Construction Products, Karcher GmbH commercial and industrial cleaning systems and Youngman Richardson's extensive range of manufacturers, including Hatz, Tanaka Tas, Mikasa, Subaru Robin, Husqvarna, Weber Construction, Cormidi Construction Equipment, Shindaiwa Equipment & Canycom and many others.