Supaswift 775AC Lawnmower


140cc Allpower X1 Engine,

18″ (46cm) Steel Chassis,

2 Blades on a disc (option to add an extra 2)

50 Litre Catcher Capacity,

7″ Wheels

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A great quality entry level mower ideal for small to medium sized gardens up to 1/4 acre. Features an 18” chassis & height adjuster, as well as a a large plastic rear catcher for convenience

  • Powerful 140cc ALLPOWER X1 engine with 3 Year Domestic Warranty
  • Corrosion resistant blade disc
  • 12 position steel height adjuster handles a variety of grass conditions
  • One piece lower handle for strength and support


ALLPOWER X1 ENGINE        2 year dom 3 yr dom